Datum objave: 11. October, 2022.

October 13th is the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, and on the occasion of its celebration, on Sunday, October 16, 2022, we will reforest the rehabilitated Leć landfill in Vodice, and we hereby invite all interested parties to join us.

The planting of thousands of seedlings will be carried out as part of the project Let’s plant a greener future, which is being implemented by the Argonaut association in cooperation with the City of Vodice and with the financial support of the Procter and Gamble corporation. The action will be carried out by students of Elementary School Vodice and participants of Argonaut’s small eco school – Eco Patrol, representatives of the Public Fire Department of Vodice and the Voluntary Fire Brigade of Vodice, employees, and volunteers of the Argonaut Association, LAG More 249, and all other interested citizens of Vodice can join the action. and wider.

In addition to the action of reforesting the rehabilitated landfill from piles of garbage, this area will become a green and fragrant oasis, with the action we will return a piece of greenery to the area that was burned this summer and give the incentive to repair the damage and planting on private and public areas.

Tools, gloves and lunch will be provided for all participants, so please contact us at mail@argonauta.hr or at 0913033067 in order to ensure enough materials.

Free transportation to the location of the action is provided by the City of Vodice and carried out by the City Company. The departure is at 09:45 from the Vodice bus station and the return at 13:00 from the renovated Leć landfill. Arrival by car is also possible.

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