Datum objave: 17. October, 2022.

It was sad to see all the fires that happened this summer, which unfortunately are increasing… we decided to act.

As part of the project Let’s plant a greener future, we organized an afforestation campaign at the renovated Leć landfill in Vodice. More than 90 participants planted Pine, Holm Oak, and Cypress seedlings around the rehabilitated landfill, and sage, immortelle, rosemary, and myrtle seedlings were planted on the very hill below the rehabilitated landfill. The new seedlings were watered at the end of the campaign, thanks to DVD Vodice, and for the seedlings to have as much chance of survival as possible, a gel was added during planting to retain humidity.

The planting and afforestation plan was made in agreement and coordination with several parties: experts in the field of forestry, biologists, representatives of the City of Vodice, JVP Vodice and DVD Vodice, and the company Vashi mali vrtlari, which has been taking care of the green areas of the city of Vodice for many years. According to experts, the forest has the greatest chance of success if it is planted in combination, therefore the seedlings are planted without any particular order, but making sure that there is a sufficient distance from each other.

But that is not all! 🙂 The Let’s plant a greener future project will continue through the implementation of our Eco Patrol in Vodice Primary School, where children from 5th to 8th grade have the opportunity to learn about nature and the environment through informal education methods.

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