Datum objave: 21. October, 2022.

In addition to the establishment of the final version of the Transnational Action Plan and the connection with the WONDER project, the new meeting of partner organizations on the TANGRAM project brought a recapitulation of all pilot actions and interventions that have been carried out so far in the project areas. The Association for the Protection of Nature and the Environment and the Promotion of Sustainable Development Argonaut presented a new tourist attraction in the Italian city of Cervia – an educational exhibition on Raduč hill, with the announcement of the imminent establishment of a tourist website with a related application, as well as the opening of an underwater sculpture park, which will soon open in the area of Murter. On behalf of Argonaut, Sanja Kovačev and Sanja Đurman, as well as external associates from the company Symbol, participated in the conference.

Study visits to the nature park and salt pan

The host of this meeting was the organization Delta 2000, which used the opportunity to organize the international conference of the TANGRAM project, associated with the conference called “Sustainable tourism and family tourism in the Adriatic area”, realized within the framework of the WONDER project, which aims to improve the way of life in coastal cities and develop the offer of family tourism, i.e. “child-friendly” destinations. Cervia, in addition to culture, tourism, and wine, is known for its protected areas – salt pans and pine forests, therefore a visit to the Cervia Nature Park was organized, where the biodiversity of the vast park was presented, while the salt pans representatives of partner organizations learned how “sweet” salt is made from Cervia.

Establishment of a strong network of parks and gardens

The goal is to connect our areas, rich in art, culture and nature, and thus make them accessible to everyone – the local population, tourists, but also other partner organizations. We will continue this in the future, with new projects and initiatives, including development agencies, scientific partners and civil society, because everything comes down to participation, in order to establish a model of sustainable tourism – said Mauro Conficoni, executive director of LAG Delta 2000 at the international conference, emphasizing that 283 stakeholders were involved in the implementation of the pilot actions of the TANGRAM project, which enabled the establishment of a strong international network of parks and gardens.

Pilot actions of partner organizations from 6 countries

Namely, in addition to Argonaut’s educational exhibitions and the underwater sculpture park, the University of Vlora (Albania) will continue to encourage the local population to use natural resources for the organization of various activities in the parks. On the other hand, DELTA 2000 (Italy) will install attractive bird nests and fun sculptures in the Cervija Nature Park, while in Bohinj (Slovenia) there will be botanical hotspots, a gastronomic offer from local producers, as well as various information points. The development agency of Nova Gorica (Slovenia) has focused on the Panovec forest and the Pečno park, where benches, tables with QR codes, as well as various didactic tools will be installed. The development agency in Evia (Greece) will implement a route on the island of Evia, which will include cultural and natural areas with the help of an application and information points, while in Niš (Serbia) the association Proaktiv has already set up and arranged a new park next to the “Belgrade Gate”. RDA Banat (Serbia) has already set up 4 info points as interactive totems in the Fruška Gora National Park combined with a mobile application and an interactive map, and the Banja Luka Tourist Board (BiH) will establish a new educational route on Banj brdo by the end of the project, where 7 different paths will be covered, on which information boards and maps will be placed.


The project “TANGRAM – Transnational parks and Gardens Resources in Adriatic and Ionian tourist Marketplace” is implemented by the Association for the Protection of Nature and Environment and the Promotion of Sustainable Development of Argonaut. The project is co-financed by the European Union within the cross-border cooperation program INTERREG ADRION Adriatic-Ionian program, from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The total value of the project is EUR 1,645,945.00, and the duration is from January 2, 2020. until 31.01.2023. The content of this publication is the sole responsibility of the Association for the Protection of Nature and the Environment and the promotion of sustainable development of Argonauta.

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