Creative workshop for children in Oklaj.

Datum objave: 24. October, 2022.

As part of the “eMUlzija – energy of young people in the local community” project, an informal Kolarište youth club to create useful and interesting content for all young people, but also other residents of Promina Municipality.

The founding of the club is the result of previous activities on the project, and mostly the enthusiasm of young people from the Municipality of Promina. The municipality of Promina is one of the partners in the aforementioned project for the activities of the youth club Kolarište ceded the premises, which the young people decorated and started preparing for the club’s activities.

Young people have prepared a creative workshop for children on the theme of autumn, which will be held 28.10.2022. at 5:30 pm in the Oklaj Cultural Center on the club premises young people. therefore, we invite all those interested to participate in the workshop to support young people and children provided interesting content, and reason is that the created works will be given as gifts to the users’ Homes for the elderly in Oklaj.

The project holder is the Argonauts Murter association, and it is financed by the Central State Office for demography and youth.

We are looking forward to your arrival.

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