Informal Youth Club “Kolarište” opened in Oklaj.

Datum objave: 31. October, 2022.

On Friday, October 28, the informal Youth Club “Kolarište” was opened in Oklaj.
This is the result of the work of young people from Promina who, through the project “Emulsion – youth energy in the local community”, were educated and mentored on the design and implementation of their own projects. Thus, young people from Promina recognized that their municipality lacks a space that would be open to young people and where these young people would spend quality free time and organize activities in accordance with their interests.
The municipality of Promina, which is also a partner in the Emulzija project, generously offered space in the Culture Center in the center of Oklaj, handed over the key to the young people, and in this way made it possible for the Kolarište Youth Club to open.
The first in the series of activities of Kolarište was an autumn creative workshop for children, which was designed and led by young girls who had been mentored for the past year and who had the desire to offer their youngest fellow residents creative time.
This first workshop in a series was attended by many children, little Prominians who made creative items with their hands that they plan to present to residents of the Home for the Elderly in Oklaj.
The second such workshop in Kolarište is already scheduled for Friday, November 11, when young people will continue their activities in this newly opened Youth Club.
By the way, in the time of our grandparents, and earlier, “every village in Promina had its own “kolarište”, i.e. a place where dancing takes place – crossroads, road, threshing floor and other open spaces), and dancing took place on Sundays in front of the church after mass; on the holiday that is celebrated – in Oklaj ; in front of the yard from where the bride leaves and at home where she arrives. Sometimes the boys would visit a few Kolarištes in the villages.Sometimes, dance parties would last late into the night.”
In a somewhat more modern form, Kolarište came to life through young people in Promina, and this is exactly one of the goals of Emulzija – to awaken love for one’s own cultural heritage and tradition and, based on it, bring new (young) energy into the local community.

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