Datum objave: 7. November, 2022.

In May 2021, Murter received a newly renovated space that was designed to serve as a platform for achieving cross-sector cooperation and social development through the provision of social programs and activities to all those interested in Murter and beyond.

It is about the Social and coworking center Jedro, which is located in the Municipality building (Butina 2, 22243 Murter, 2nd floor) and where space can be reserved and used for various meetings, presentations, sessions, assemblies, panels, rehearsals, lectures, workshops, and similar activities, but also as a temporary or permanent workplace (in the spirit of popular remote work) in a meeting room, auditorium or work units.

Jedro is a space that is open to everyone; and since the Jedro Community Center was created to provide associations and institutions in the area of Murter with better conditions for working and carrying out their activities, the Jedro space is open to all local associations and public institutions from the area of Murter completely free of charge with prior reservation of space.

What does Jedro offer?

Conference room

Within the Jedro Coworking Center, it is possible to reserve a meeting room that can accommodate a maximum of 14 people. Wi-fi, television, flip chart stand, conference table and chairs are available to users in the meeting room. The hall is equipped with air conditioning, and it is separated from the hall by a glass wall. In addition to the technical conditions available to the users, the space of the hall is airy, bathed in natural light, and through the windows of the hall there is an impressive view of the Murter water area.

If the meeting room is to be used together with the hall, the hall must be booked separately.


Within the Jedro space, it is possible to reserve a hall that can accommodate a maximum of 20 people. Wi-fi, a projector, a projection screen, a flip chart stand, microphones, an audio mixer, lockers for storage that can be locked, chairs, and tables that can be adapted to the desired type of activity are available to users in the hall. The space is air-conditioned, airy, and bathed in natural light, and it is separated from the meeting room by a glass wall. The hall can be used at the same time as the hall. If the hall is to be used together with the meeting room, it must be booked separately.

Work units

The hall and meeting room can be used as work units. It is possible to use the work table and together with it all the equipment listed above.

How to reserve space?

You can book the desired appointment by e-mail, phone number 099/389 4911 and through the reservation system at the link

Feel free to forward the information to colleagues who you think need the described space.

More information – contact person: Suzana Suman, 099/389 4911.

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