LET’S PLANT A GREENER FUTURE – the third Eco Patrol workshop was held.

Datum objave: 12. December, 2022.

On December 10, 2022, the third workshop in the framework was held on the premises of Vodice Primary School for the “Plant a greener future” project of Argonaut’s Eco-patrol. The goal of the project is of extracurricular educational workshops is to strengthen awareness of the values of nature and the environment which surround us and create a positive attitude toward sustainable development. Participants of the third workshop were students of Vodice Primary School, who showed their knowledge, skills, and creativity.

The first activity “Gas from the fire extinguisher” caused great enthusiasm among the participants because each of them had the opportunity to perform an experiment. With the help of experiments, they solved the worksheet that they passed and got to know the properties of carbon dioxide. They showed special interest when they “poured” the gas from one glass to another, and proved its presence by touching a lighted candle that would go out on contact with carbon dioxide. Using this activity students improve their organization and task implementation abilities, they train for teamwork work, develop the ability to follow instructions, and develop manual skills.

The third workshop “Plant and give” was carried out by planting houseplants in paper cups that were wrapped in decorative paper. Participants learned basic planting techniques and received instructions on
how they will take care of the planted plant that they took home. The aim of this workshop was to develop a positive attitude towards the preservation of forests and trees, encourage curiosity and willingness to find solutions, to encourage the application of what has been learned in one’s own life through planting. After the implementation, the students evaluated each activity. They were extremely satisfied and happy they are waiting for the next workshops.

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