Two eco libraries were installed in Murter.

Datum objave: 20. December, 2022.

As of this week, Murter is richer for two open-air libraries. This is the result of the work of young people from Murter who, through the project “Emulsion – the energy of young people in the local community” financed by the Central State Department for Demography and Youth, designed and implemented the project of setting up an eco-library accessible to all reading lovers with the slogan “With our library, brain on pasture”.

Originally, the idea was to set up one eco-library, but then the young people turned to the Municipality of Murter-Kornati, which donated funds for another one. The goal of setting them up was to contribute to quality spending of free time, encouraging reading and education, social connection, and sustainable behavior, as well as encouraging the exchange of quality content.

Before the actual installation of the eco-library, young people in the center of Murter, with the support of the Argonauta association, organized a book collection campaign in October, when they invited their neighbors to donate books they had in excess at home.

They filled two eco-libraries with these books, one on Trg Rudina and one on Luka beach, and in this way gave their town new content for Christmas that will enrich their local community.

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