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A total of 10 partner organizations from 7 countries created 9 local action plans and one extensive transnational action plan, and finally implemented 9 concrete pilot actions in their areas concerning public parks and gardens. All these are the main results of the TANGRAM project, the end of which was marked after 3 years by the final conference in the north of Italy. The municipality of Monza hosted other organizations as a leading partner, as well as representatives of the ADRION program and related EU projects – WOOL and ADRIONET there, in the magnificent Villa Reale from the 18th century.

As is known, one of the partners in the TANGRAM project was the Association for the Protection of Nature and the Environment and the Promotion of Sustainable Development of Argonauta, which, through its implementation, enriched the tourist offer of the island of Murter. Namely, as part of that project, a unique exhibition of stories and anecdotes was opened on Raduč hill, an underwater sculpture park was established, and finally, a tourist website with a related application was created, which will soon be presented to the public in more detail. At the final conference in Monza, Argonauta was represented by Sanja Đurman, together with external associates from Symbol, the Osijek company responsible for the implementation of all pilot actions on Murter.

Continuation of activities

The TANGRAM project laid the foundations for cooperation and valorization of cultural and natural heritage with the help of parks and gardens in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Greece, Albania, and Italy. The goals were to increase capacity and involve the local population in the development of strategies, which we will continue to implement together even after completion, in the promotion of growing tourist destinations within the framework of the IPA ADRION program, and as part of the cluster with the WOOL projects, which puts wool in the focus of sustainable tourism, and the project ADRIONET, which is based on connecting authentic villages into a transnational network – said Giulia Righetti, coordinator of the TANGRAM project, congratulating all partners on the successful implementation of pilot actions, which remain as a permanent value of the entire project.

The conference also discussed the future of the IPA ADRION program, which North Macedonia and San Marino are now joining, and with a budget of 160 million euros in the period until 2027, the main priorities will be the cultural and creative industry, green solutions and environmental protection. sustainable management of resources and infrastructure, and a circular economy based on smart solutions. Fortunately, the activities of the Argonauta association are already fully focused on these goals, so they will again be eligible for participation in EU projects that concern the improvement of life in the community.

Pilot actions in each area

Finally, let us remind you that within the framework of the TANGRAM project, in addition to the activities of the Argonauta and the research of the University of Vlora (Albania), tourist routes have been developed on the Kranj hill (Slovenia) that are connected with biodiversity and local products, and information boards have been installed in Banja Luka (BiH) and GIS maps clarifying 7 new educational trails, 4 info points are in operation in Banat (Serbia), while a park for children and families, with motifs of bird’s nests, has been put back into use in the Cervija Nature Park (Italy). New routes were also established in Nova Gorica (Slovenia), in the Panovec forest, while the Development Agency in Evia (Greece) developed a mobile application and a virtual route, and new virtual routes were also represented in Niš (Serbia), at the Niš Fortress, and in Monza itself, in the area of the entire Villa Reale, which extends over 700 hectares. At the end of the conference, all participants got a virtual experience of Villa Reale, using the new virtual route, but also the existing InReale virtual route, which brought the history of the largest closed park in Europe within reach.

The project “TANGRAM – Transnational parks and Gardens Resources in Adriatic and Ionian tourist Marketplace” is implemented by the Association for the Protection of Nature and Environment and the Promotion of Sustainable Development of Argonauta. The project is co-financed by the European Union within the cross-border cooperation program INTERREG ADRION Adriatic-Ionian program, from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The total value of the project is EUR 1,645,945.00, and the duration is from January 2, 2020. until 31.01.2023. The content of this publication is the sole responsibility of the Association for the Protection of Nature and the Environment and the promotion of sustainable development of Argonauta.

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