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The website is a new place where you can find interesting things information about the island of Murter and the partners that make up the international network of the ADRION program, that is, the TANGRAM project. Together with the tourist website, a related one was developed
mobile application, which emphasizes the attractiveness of the surrounding parks, i.e. protection of nature under NATURA 2000 areas. In addition to Murter itself, the National ones were presented Kornati Park, Vrana Lake, Krka National Park, Ivinj Archaeological Site, and Nature Park Telašćica, and a special place was given to the pilot actions of all 10 partner organizations from the 7th countries of the TANGRAM project.

Contacts, points of interest, information, stakeholders. The content of the website and mobile application is available in English and Croatian, and after their establishment and after the completion of the TANGRAM project, the Association for the Protection of Nature and environment and the promotion of sustainable development Argonaut plans to implement direct promotion through social networks. The front page of the website contains interesting facts about the parks around Murter, and along with the pilot actions of Argonauts, the association’s contacts and useful links have also been posted to the official channels of the project, with a focus on its goals and achieved results. Separate categories present each park in detail, as well as the stakeholders involved in its management of natural and cultural assets, while the sub-page About the project provides basic data and figures about the project, at the same time presenting the partner organizations and their pilot actions – info points, educational trails, tourist tours, virtual walks, mobile applications and new parks for families and children. The website contains all the necessary elements for the visibility of the ADRION program.

Attracting tourists and heritage lovers

The main goal of this online campaign is to increase the awareness of tourists and local residents about the importance of the preservation of the nature and cultural heritage of the island of Murter, which Argonauta has been working on for years in cooperation with partners and stakeholders. Namely, all the mentioned parks, as well as the island of Murter, are places with special values, which can attract many lovers of hidden tradition and heritage, but also into sustainable tourism and a way of life that is in balance with nature. Let’s remind you, that’s exactly why they’re on Two new tourist attractions were designed and installed in Murter as part of the TANGRAM project

  • an educational exhibition about the history of Murter on Raduč hill, and an underwater sculpture park, in as part of which underwater educational paths were formed, and they contribute to the formation of artificial reefs and biodiversity conservation.

Project “TANGRAM – Transnational parks and Gardens Resources in Adriatic and Ionian tourist Marketplace”, implemented by the Association for the Protection of Nature and the Environment and the Promotion of Sustainable Development the Argonauta. The project is co-financed by the European Union within the cross-border program cooperation INTERREG ADRION Adriatic-Ionian program, from the European Fund for Regional Development (ERDF). The total value of the project is EUR 1,645,945.00, and the duration is from January 2, 2020. to 31.01.2023. The content of this publication is the sole responsibility of the Association for the Protection of Nature and Environment and promoting the sustainable development of Argonauts.

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