Datum objave: 13. February, 2023.

Do you know how many fins sharks have? Are there any in the Adriatic Sea and how many senses do they have? Are they all dangerous? What do they think of us, humans? Many questions were answered by our participants at the *workshop held on February 11, 2023. In addition to these questions, they learned that sharks have as many as 7 senses. We gave them a challenge, so they used their two senses – taste and smell. Their task was to guess which food item it was.

Try to answer at least one question, and if you need help, ask our Filipa, Stella, Lucija, Tereza, Mihaela, or Mia Theresa 😄
In addition to returning home full of knowledge about these interesting animals, they made a shark out of cardboard! It doesn’t take much – felt-tip pens or crayons, scissors, toilet paper cardboard, and some white dental paper! A fun activity that works on their motor skills, teaches them to repurpose things, and entertains them 🙂
P.S. we must not forget the dancing either, Baby Shark got us all moving! We enjoyed ourselves 🥰

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*Workshops are conducted as part of the project “Kornati – it is important to know about the sea 7” financed by the Ministry of Science and Education.

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