Let’s spin the circle of changes II.

Datum objave: 21. February, 2023.

As part of the “Let’s spin the circle of change II project”, which is supported by LAG “More 249”, we, as partners, held three recycling workshops! Our location was Elementary School Brodarica, and the participants were all eager to learn through the game! Students from 5th to 8th grade socialized and studied with us on 28.1., 4.2. and 16.2. and thank them for that!

In the first workshop, they were introduced to the 3R concept – what each letter “R” means, how not to buy what you don’t need, what consequences litter creates during the tourist season, and how to create changes and distinguish waste from garbage! Later, through teamwork, they showed how to make an eco-feeder for birds from an orange and a mixture! They placed them in the school’s olive grove with the hope that the birds will recognize the feeders and thus have their own food during the winter 🙂

The second workshop was marked by the ecological footprint, so using the application they learned how much they affect our planet in three categories – accommodation, food, and transport! They also wrote suggestions on how to live more sustainably: eat locally, walk and cycle more, pay attention to energy, and much more! The final product of the workshop was bags made of old T-shirts, which they left at the school in case someone needed them.

We started the third workshop with an energizer and repeated what we did in the first two workshops! The students were divided into two groups and repurposed two boxes for the school – one for collecting plastic and the other for paper! On the school board, they left “rules” for creating good habits! Through teamwork, they showed how it is possible to create common ideas and results and present them to others in the form of works, with the aim of raising and strengthening awareness of the importance of a positive impact on the environment!

We had fun, and see what it looked like in the photo gallery! 🙂

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