Datum objave: 1. March, 2023.

We started with the implementation of the “Eco Camp Kornati 2023” project, the goal of which is to clean and preserve the underwater environment and to investigate the presence of harmful algae of the shellfish pinna nobilis; inform and educate target groups and the general public about the need to protect and preserve the marine environment through an educational program for students participating in the camp (biodiversity, crisis situations) and raise awareness among local stakeholders and connect them through joint work to solve the problem of waste in the sea.

The bearer of this project is our association Argonauts, and the partners are JU NP Kornati, Red Cross Zadar, Technical Culture Association of Zadar County, RK Murter-Kornati, Murter-Kornati Municipality, and RK St. Roko Bibinje as a collaborator.

The project was financed by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund.

At the initial meeting, which was held in Bibinje, on the premises of the RK St. Roko, there was talk about the date of the camp, the activities as well as the roles of individual partners in the implementation of the project.

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