Do you have a talent or a skill? Offer it to the Jedro Community Center!.

Datum objave: 3. March, 2023.

We often hear that comparing yourself to others is not desirable. Nevertheless, in our case, it is interesting to compare the social life on Murter with that on the island of Herøy, which is located in the middle of the Norwegian coast in the middle of the cold Norwegian sea.

As on Murter, there are also local associations in Herøy that enrich the social life of the small island community through their activities.

They approached the problem of the lack of social life on the small island by inviting all interested people who possess some talent or skill to share them in their community center with their fellow residents.

So, for example, one resident of Herøy offered guitar lessons to anyone who would like to learn to play. His fellow villagers who wanted to play responded to his offer and thus a musical group was formed that spent its free time making music. This model was a success, and interestingly, it was completely free of charge, both for the guitar teacher and for the course participants.

Encouraged by this example, and due to the fact that we also have our Jedro community center in Murter, we decided to do the same.

That is why we hereby invite natural persons, i.e. individuals who would like to offer something to their community, free of charge, and who know how to play the guitar, sing, draw, make models of ships, lecture on topics in the field of psychology and personal growth, give lessons in mathematics, Croatian and a foreign language or any other subject, making jewelry, creative writing, running a reading club, photography, acting, watching documentaries, making origami, playing chess, dancing or whatever they could offer to offer it in our community center and to in this way they enrich the local community and the social life of Murter. All this can be done using the space of Jedra (Butina 2, 22243 Murter) as well as the communication channels of this community center.

The Jedro Community Center is open to all your suggestions, which you can send by email or phone number 099 389 4911.

We look forward to your offers!

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