Croatian Championship in Drywall Construction, Pag 2023.

Datum objave: 14. April, 2023.

The Dragodid Association opens applications for the 6th Croatian Championship in Drywall Construction, which will be held on Saturday, May 6 in Pag.

They invite all those interested – those who have tried their hand at building drywall, but also those who have not yet and would like to, to gather teams and apply. Teams from all over Croatia are welcome.

The championship is part of the Drywall Meet program that will start a day earlier – on Friday, May 5, and the program will be announced soon. The co-organizers are Dragodid and TZ Grada Pag, and the hosts are Grad Pag and Solana Pag.

The gathering of the teams will be at 9:30 a.m. at the salt pool of Solana Pag, where a circular drywall object will be built during the competition. The goal is to build a high-quality double drywall/duplex with pre-determined dimensions (length, height, depth) from the available stone in the given time (2 hours). All teams build their own segment of the wall at the same time, next to each other. The completion of the segment and the quality of the wall will be evaluated. After the construction, there will be a joint lunch, judging, and announcement of the winner.

The team consists of up to 4 members over 16 years of age. The registration fee per team is 30 EUR and is paid at the time of registration on the spot. All competitors receive t-shirts and are provided with refreshments and lunch, and the winning team, in addition to the trophy, receives a cash prize that is covered by the collected registration fees and one lamb (donation by FFlak Pag).

Applications are sent by e-mail to the address until 4/20/2023. and should contain the name of the team, the names and addresses of all team members, and the contact phone number and email address of at least one team member. The number of teams is limited, so hurry!

Along with the co-organizers and hosts, the project is also supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media and Čistoća Pag.

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