Eco patrol podcast: Informal learning about environmental topics.

Datum objave: 4. May, 2023.

Through our work, we pay a lot of attention to the education of young people in an informal way, so we wanted to bring this topic closer to all interested parties through the podcast. Most of us have already experienced informal education through various workshops, seminars, lectures, and the like, and informal education began to be seriously talked about in the 60s and 70s of the last century when concerns were raised about the fact that people are not employed after formal education. Unfortunately, this problem still plagues us today. After this problem was detected, it was concluded that changes should come from the wider society.
It is evident the necessity of developing a system of informal education that will be accessible to everyone, whether it is young people or adults and the elderly.
But it is also essential to mention the people who work with young people and develop these methods. One of them is our guest, Ivana Marin, an educator for informal learning methods.

You can listen to it here.

  • The podcast is co-financed by the Fund for Encouraging Pluralism and Diversity of Electronic Media.

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