Undersea cleaning actions were held at Vrgada and Prvić.

Datum objave: 9. May, 2023.

On Saturday and Sunday, May 6 and 7, actions to clean up the seabed were held on the islands of Vrgada and Prvić.

On Saturday, cleaning was done on Vrgada, in the coves of Luka and St. Andrija, and on Sunday in Prvić Luka.

The actions were held as part of the project “Eco flow to the Island” financed by the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency, and as part of which the island of Žut was already cleaned last fall.

The action was joined by diving clubs from Split, Pakoštan, Varaždin, and Mostar, which cleaned the seabed with other volunteers on boats and on land on both islands.

About 8 cubic meters of waste were removed and no invasive Caulerpa Taxifolia algae were observed at the locations where they were cleaned.

This weekend in the spirit of underwater cleaning was carried out and coordinated by our association Argonauta, but with the help and cooperation of other stakeholders from local communities, without whom these actions would certainly not have been this successful.

That is why we should definitely mention the Association of Vrgada, the Local Board of Vrgada, the company, Loši d.o.o., the Fishing Society of Pakoštane, the Municipality of Pakoštane, Juština d.o.o., TZ Pakoštane, the Fishing Cooperative of Vrgada, Jadran Tuna, and Pelagos Net Farm, while the City provided great support for the action on Prvić Vodice, City Enterprise d.o.o., tavern Stara Makina, SRK “Botnica”, craft Bumba, boat Jastog and Mile Škalabrin.

In addition to the underwater clean-up campaign, cooperation between diving clubs, associations, and local stakeholders was strengthened, and a platform for future cooperation was created. Also, this undersea cleanup is one of many cleanups organized under the Večernji lista Land Resolution project, which aims to raise awareness of environmental protection and preservation.

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