ECO PATROL “Plant a plant, produce oxygen”.

Datum objave: 10. June, 2023.

Another workshop of Argonauta’s Eco Patrol took place on June 3, 2023, in the premises of Vodice Elementary School. The name of the workshop was “Plant a plant, produce oxygen!”.

During the entire cycle of workshops, the participants used glass jars that replaced plastic drinking glasses. In order to use the jars, they used them as vases for succulents. They learned that succulents are plants that have the ability to store water in their tissues, which allows them to survive in dry and harsh conditions. The name “succulent” comes from the Latin word “sucus” which means “juice” or “moisture”. A characteristic of succulents, which distinguishes them from other plants, is their ability to store water in a thickened, fleshy leaf. The water stored in their tissues allows them to survive in periods of prolonged drought, from which they concluded that they do not need to be watered often.

To make their own jars with succulents, the participants received: soil, jar, water, pebbles, and succulents. Succulents are hardy and adaptable plants that are easy to grow. For this, it is necessary to ensure a lot of sun, and a little water, except in the summer period when more frequent watering is necessary. Succulents are great plants for beginners and for all those who feel they don’t have much experience. For this reason, we chose them for growing, so that they could show off their last year’s succulent at the workshop next year. After the planting was finished, they repeated what photosynthesis means and learned how by planting plants we create the necessary oxygen gas.

The importance of the project and this workshop is to strengthen awareness of the values of nature and the environment that surround us and to educate the local community about preserving forests and flora. The participants developed an interest in exploring nature, encouraged their creativity, improved their fine motor skills, and learned how to make their own pottery.

To further decorate their jars, they wrote messages related to nature on pieces of paper. So we had the opportunity to read: “Save your planet because you don’t have another”, “Save the environment like your health”, “Save the environment and the sea”, and “Earth is the only one we have, it is our home”…

In the second activity, they planted part of the succulents in the school garden. The patrolmen showed their creativity and, with the help of saplings from the guard house, wrote “ECO” on the ground and surrounded the inscription with pebbles, thus paying tribute to the entire project and this workshop.

The goal of this activity is to see the possibility of using various materials and objects for different purposes and to encourage spending time in nature and exploring its diversity.

In the third part of the workshop, the participants had to create a recognizable motif with the help of materials from nature. They collected pebbles, twigs, leaves, and flowers, and then made motifs of a ship, a man, a butterfly…

The goals were: artistic and creative expression using simple materials from nature, research and expression of the basic principles of artistic composition and its rhythm, getting to know native plant species, and developing sensitivity to the importance, strength, fragility, and beauty of nature.

Finally, they should have left a message on the board describing their experiences in previous Eco Patrol workshops. So we had the opportunity to read: “It was great, I recommend it to everyone”, “It was good on Eco-patrol! Come to preserve nature together! “It was funny, fun, crazy, and great. We will never forget hanging out with friends in the Eco Patrol”, “Crazy and unforgettable, laughter and fun are always welcome”, “it was fun and educational, I recommend it because you hang out with friends and teachers”… We ended the Eco Patrol in that tone. Till the next meeting! 😊

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