Datum objave: 25. August, 2023.

The Argonaut Association, in cooperation with Radio Ritma, launched Eco Patrol, a podcast on environmental topics.

In this way, every month our podcast brings topics that affect people’s daily lives, and these are sustainability topics through which we explore the quality of life on our precious planet and the impact of the climate crisis on each individual.

The stories told in our show inform listeners about the state of the environment, talk about important environmental actions and explore environmental problems from local to global.

With this podcast, we hope to give an idea of ​​how to become an active citizen and how to get involved in local environmental initiatives.

Each new podcast talks about new aspects of sustainable development and how human activities affect our ecosystem and provides listeners with the opportunity to stay abreast of the issues we must act on today as conscious and responsible individuals and members of society.

In each podcast, we try to draw out the positive aspects of a specific topic and offer information in the form of an innovative solution, action or alternative sustainable choice for each ecological problem addressed.

So far, 6 podcasts have been recorded that can be listened to at this link, and you can listen to the next show on Thursday, September 7. at 18.15 on Radio Ritm Šibenik.

* The podcast is co-financed by the Fund for Encouraging Pluralism and Diversity of Electronic Media.

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