Datum objave: 1. September, 2023.

The seventh continuation of the project has been completed, and the eighth is being prepared! Wooooow!

We marked the end of August with the successful implementation of the project “Kornati – it is important to know about the sea 7”.

The Ministry of Science and Education enabled the strengthening of awareness of the value of nature, specifically the Kornati Islands, through educational programs. Through conducting educational ecological workshops for children, running a small eco-school called Eco-patrol, as weekly extracurricular activities for children of primary school age and an educational trip to Kornati, we show children the importance of protecting nature and the environment and how crucial it is to be informed from an early age. an active member because only by working together can we make a change.

In the execution of educational programs, we also included groups of children with developmental disabilities and in this way created a new attitude towards diversity and encouraged their mutual support. The past practice of trips conducted in this way has shown a high level of interest among children, and the workshops have resulted in a high level of education and socialization.

The video that was created as a result of the educational trip to the beautiful Kornati is shown on our official YouTube page of the association, and you can click on the link to see how it was and what the participants say .

Thank you to the donor and all our partners once again!

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