Datum objave: 11. September, 2023.

On Saturday, September 9, 2023, as part of the “ProActive EcoLand” project financed by the Erasmus Plus strategic partnership program, in which our association Argonauts is a partner, we conducted the first of 10 tests board game that we are developing through this project in cooperation with international partners from Denmark, Finland, Portugal and Spain.
We conducted the testing in the Eco Campus Krka together with 12 volunteers who were currently staying at the Campus, and it is a game focused on the environment and the fight against climate change, and on strengthening young people’s sense of initiative and social proactivity.
In short, the game simulates roles in society in such a way that the game participants are divided into groups, each group is assigned a specific role in society (e.g., the role of politicians, media, civil society, public services…), they are presented with a certain environmental problem (e.g. .the problem of plastic waste in the sea) after which all participants, in accordance with their assigned roles, must jointly find a solution to a concrete environmental problem.
The game is led by a facilitator who introduces the participants to the game in such a way as to present them with the responsibilities and resources of each individual role in society, and after each successfully solved environmental problem, he completes the so-called Ecoplan, which states in what way it will be contributed to the solution in a specific action.
In a further phase of testing, we will implement specific Ecoplans with the participants of the game, which we will reach by playing this game, but this first testing was only carried out until the stage of solving the given problem.

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