Datum objave: 19. September, 2023.

Saturday morning, September 16 dawned bathed in sunshine and beautiful colors all over the Adriatic coast.

A perfect midsummer day for a diving action to clean up the undersea!

Thus, in Split, Volosko, Zadar and the islands of Murter and Vrnik, five simultaneous underwater cleaning actions were held with over a hundred divers and volunteers who cleaned the most frequent Adriatic destinations of solid waste in the sea.

Together with the action, an information campaign was carried out on the importance of reducing the use of plastic bags by distributing cloth bags to interested citizens. In connection with this, during the campaign, 150 cloth bags were distributed with the message of the campaign “Let’s protect the Adriatic together”.

Diving clubs also promoted diving sports and underwater activities to interested passers-by by presenting diving equipment, all in order to popularize such actions as well as to strengthen the awareness of environmental problems among the average population.

On Murter in the bay of Čigrađa, one of the most famous Murter beaches, divers from RK Mostar from Mostar, the Drava Underwater Activities Club from Varaždin and the local club, RK Murter-Kornati, were cleaning. Čigrađa is a well-known anchorage with concession buoys, so we expected a lot of waste from sailboats and yachts, but luckily the condition is actually commendable, and the most waste was glass – bottles, glasses, etc… The condition of the waste is therefore good and divers say that there is plenty of life in the undersea of ​​this beautiful bay, which makes us unusually happy. Surprised guests and tourists were delighted that there was care for their favorite bay.

In Zadar, the St. Roko Diving Club also exhibited part of its malacological collection, in order to get the youngest interested in the richness of the Adriatic sea and the importance of its preservation. And the Red Cross Zadar as well as ICUA (UNESCO Center for Underwater Archeology) and Čistoća d.o.o. joined the action.

In Volosko, near Opatija, the port of Volosko was being cleaned. The company for underwater research and ecology Aquanaut from Rijeka had logistical support from Marotti Windsurf Centa in the cleanup, lunch was cooked by the hardworking chefs of Ostaria Veranda, and friends from the Public Fire Department of Opatija, KPA 3. Maj and KPA Adria from Kraljevica took care of the clean sea!

So that after this Saturday, about 40 bags of waste – plastic, glass, cables, ropes, pieces of nets and other fishing tools, car tires, chairs no longer live in the sea of ​​Voloski.

In Split, in Bačvice, the undersea was cleaned by UPA Rostrum, which was joined by the Ecological Society picigin Bačvice, and in Vrnik, near Korčula, members of ER Korčula removed 782 kg of waste and thus significantly contributed to the cleanliness of our Adriatic with a loud message “Let’s protect the Adriatic together!”

It is also important to note that all waste was properly disposed of after the actions with communication and support from local utility companies and concessionaires.

Since the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is really true, we suggest you take a look at the photo gallery and feel the atmosphere from last Saturday in the sign of marine ecology!

Diving clubs participated:

Diving Club Sv. Roko from Bibinje

Ecological diving club Korčula from Korčula

Diving Club Mostar from Mostar

Underwater activities club Drava from Varaždin

Association for underwater activities Rostrum from Split +

Society for underwater research and ecology Aquanaut from Rijeka

The organization of this event and campaign is carried out by the Argonauts association from Murter, and the campaign was made possible by the financial support of the company P&G.

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