Datum objave: 5. October, 2023.

We officially finished the project “Our Blue Sea” and got new friends of the sea!

Over the past three months, we have conducted a total of 9 ecological-educational workshops with children on the topics of the sea and the marine environment, and we officially brought the project to an end on Friday, September 29, 2023. by implementing the campaign “Become a friend of the sea” where we distributed free glass bottles in Murter and made locals and visitors aware of the harmful effects of plastic on the marine environment. Reusable glass bottles carried the message “Water without plastic” with which we wanted to leave a strong impression about the ubiquity of plastic in our lives and how we can reduce it, and one way is precisely by using reusable glass bottles.

We used the campaign to see if participants normally use plastic bottles and what the reasons are. Although most use plastic bottles, they still try to use as much glass as possible in their daily lives. They think that glass is healthier, it keeps the temperature of the drink in it better, but they would like to be able to buy it in the store to the same extent as plastic.

With that, we finished this wonderful project, which was made possible by a donation from Šibenik-Knin County.

Thanks to all participants and donors!

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