Datum objave: 12. October, 2023.

October is the month in which 15 young volunteers from all parts of Europe stay in Murter. They came to Murter as part of Argonaut’s “Island Extravaganza” project, which year after year aims to bring young people to the local community where they will leave a mark with their involvement.

Thus, their activities are mostly focused on the first archaeological beach of Colentum, which is located on the Gradina peninsula, where they arranged access roads and painted benches and a monument to volunteering after the season.

And for the first time, they also visited Murter’s islets, that is, one of the islets across from Murter, Mali Vinik, which they cleaned of debris and thus contributed to the cleanliness of our part of the Adriatic.

For this venture, they teamed up with locals, Anto Bašić and members of the Latinsko idro association, who themselves proposed this cleaning action and came to the aid of their crews so that the volunteers could be transported to the škoj and clean the debris. Then they transported the collected waste to Murter, which was then properly disposed of by the municipal company Murtela.

It is this kind of cooperation and synergy between young Europeans and the local population with the goal of solidarity and a healthier and more beautiful environment for all of us that motivates us at Argonaut to carry out projects and activities like this every year.

Our volunteers who come from Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary, France and Poland are only halfway through their volunteer service, and in the continuation of their stay in Murter, they are planning some more cleaning actions in different locations of Murter and Kornati, and they will also be happy to lend a hand in picking olives in olive groves in the area of ​​Murter or Betina. So we invite everyone who would need help in the coming weeks with olive picking to contact us for an agreement.

The Island Extravaganza project is financed by the European Union, and is implemented as part of the European Solidarity Corps program.

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