Datum objave: 19. October, 2023.

In the last days of summer this year, Srima was revived by an international youth exchange called “Youth Go Local”!

From 10.10. until 18.10.2023. 40 young people from Portugal, Spain, Romania, Turkey, North Macedonia and Croatia diligently adopted and absorbed new knowledge and skills and exchanged experiences which at the end of the exchange they turned into initiatives for their local communities.

During the implementation of the program, young people from all national teams held their workshops, the topics of which range from intercultural learning, cooperation methods, to how to calculate the budget and make a needs analysis for the project. Activities and workshops are accompanied by informal learning methods such as energyseri, which serve to awaken and activate the participants, and some of the tasks that the young people had to do are directly applicable in everyday life, such as writing an article. Teamwork is the focus of this environment because we want to present young people with realistic situations in which they can find themselves in the real world.

The icing on the cake at the end of the exchange was the presentation of the created local initiatives to the public in Vodice. In the city library, in front of the representatives of the City of Vodice and local associations, exchange participants presented their ideas, and demonstrated the knowledge and skills in project writing aspects that they learned during the exchange. The initiatives were on various topics, but mental health problems in the young population, as well as the need for a more active and healthy lifestyle, were especially highlighted.

The Argonauta Association implements the project as part of Accreditation for Youth, the strategic goal of which is to enable young people to actively participate in the social life of the local community and to empower young people through new knowledge, skills and competencies. Accreditation enables organizations, holders and partners to build capacity for work with young people and to adopt and develop new tools and methods of informal education for work with young people within the Argonaut association and partner organizations.

The project is implemented together with partner organizations: Zdruzenie na gragjani KREATOR Kumanovo (North Macedonia), Experimentáculo Associação Cultural (Portugal), AKS Yourself (Romania), Asociación Juvenil Inter – AJ INTER (Portugal), Cappadocia Youth Mobility (Turkey).

We thank everyone who was part of this exchange in any way and helped young people make a difference in their local communities!

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