Datum objave: 28. November, 2023.

Testing of educational modules from the new manual for non-formal environmental education as part of the international project “Eco-patrols – For Environmental Goals”

Murter – Puljani, 24.-26.11.2023. During the weekend, in the newly opened Eco-campus Puljani in NP Krka, the Argonauta association held a national weekend seminar with the aim of testing the educational modules that were created as part of the international project “Eco-patrols For Environmental Goals” financed by the European Union through the Erasmus+ program.

After experts from partner organizations jointly developed 8 new educational modules for the Eco-Patrol Manual this summer, all partners in their countries, including Argonauta are organizing the testing of several modules from the Eco-Patrol Manual with stakeholders at the local level in the form of a non-residential weekend seminars.

Thus, about 20 participants, teachers and educators from public institutions and civil society organizations took part in three workshops in the role of participants in order to give their constructive reflection on individual activities from the Module in order to perfect themselves and be ready for implementation with young people.

Educational Modules: “Eco-literacy”, “Energy and resources” and “Sustainable food systems” were tested.

The Argonauta Association is the holder of a two-year project called Eco-patrols for environmental goals/Eco – patrols 4 Environmental Goals, which it implements together with international partners: the Association of Citizens Kreator Kumanovo from Macedonia, the Association of Environmental Protection Engineers from Serbia, Consorzio di Gestione dell’ Area Marina Protetta Punta Campanella from Italy and Mindenegyüttmegy Egyesület from Hungary. The project started in February 2023 and will last until February 2025.

The goal of the project is to develop the competencies of partner organizations that work to raise awareness of environmental challenges and climate change for different target groups, mostly young people. And it is based on building on existing results, previous projects, programs and activities of all project partners working in the field of environmental and youth protection. The results of the project will try to enable changes in behavior towards the environment in the daily life choices of the target groups – young people, by implementing the Eco Patrol concept and an educational online game.

The project will work on the implementation of jointly developed innovative practices – development and testing of the new Eco-patrol manual and the introduction of Eco-patrol as an extracurricular activity at the local level for the target group of 14-18 years old. And through the launch of a joint initiative for the digitization of environmental education, an online educational game will be designed with the aim of educating and motivating young people to be active citizens in the protection of nature and the environment.

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