Datum objave: 22. December, 2023.

For the end of the year, we have prepared something special for you. It closely hides an interesting cultural and historical heritage, which has not yet received its deserved place under the spotlight. By carrying out the activities of the “Saluti da Tisno” project, we returned some shine to the forgotten jewels of Tisno: the villas, palaces and houses of Tisno.

Through this project, we highlighted the forgotten architectural heritage that is hidden in the streets of Tisno. Namely, during the 18th century, rich families from Italy moved to Tisno, who over time assimilated and mixed with the local population and left us a legacy of 11 villas, of which the Banchetti house and the Gelpi house, as well as the more recent buildings of the Katunarić palace, have been updated with this project. and the Matković house from the 19th century and the Mazzura villa from the 20th century. Now you can read more about this extremely valuable heritage on the website of the Ivinj archaeological site by clicking on the name of one of the jewels.

By the way, https://ivinj.com/ is a website that will soon become a portal dedicated to the overall cultural and historical heritage of Tisno. By marking villas, palaces and houses with easily accessible QR codes that lead you to interesting information, we have opened a new, innovative and unique cultural-historical route that will surely catch the eye of locals, visitors and tourists.

The project also enabled the continuation of heritage promotion: the archaeological site of Ivinj, the Church of St. Martin and the natural values of the peloidal mud of Makirina. Valorization continued with continuous updating and enrichment of content on social networks Facebook and Instagram.

Through the project, we created a database of new photos and recordings that will be used for promotion on social networks, as well as graphic templates for informative and educational boards dedicated to the cultural-historical architectural heritage that will be placed in the space in the future.

Continue to follow us on social media profiles and, of course, visit the locality Ivinj and the town of Tisno, because soon we will bring new stories and interpretations!

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