Datum objave: 27. May, 2024.

On May 25, 2024, an educational workshop was held with the last selected team as part of the “Rural Rhapsody – young people in the rhythm of togetherness” project.

The young rowers want to promote their club, encourage children and young people to play sports, and send a message to the entire local community about the importance of being outdoors and being physically active. Sport is one of the foundations of a healthy society, and movement from a young age ensures the adoption of good habits for life. This is exactly what prompted this group of young people to come up with a way to make a change in their community, and along with education, they got the knowledge and tools to make it happen.

Before the realization of the project idea itself, the young people went through a cycle of education on the topics: Creative thinking, Project cycle and Budgeting. With expert guidance and an informal approach, the workshops are the starting point of their success in project implementation.

The workshops gave them knowledge, and now it’s up to the young people to apply it.

Keep following us to find out what the young people have come up with and how they will realize it!

*The goal of the “Rural Rhapsody” project is to empower young people from the local community to actively work in their own rural community and take on the role of initiators and organizers of cultural, entertainment and other content through the preparation and implementation of their own projects. This project is an opportunity for the young population of rural areas to acquire knowledge and skills in an alternative way, different from the one normally offered in their environment.

*The project is financed by the Central State Office for Demography and Youth through financial support from available funds from part of the income from games of chance and the State Budget for 2023.

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