Datum objave: 29. May, 2024.

Creating opportunities for innovation and smart specialization in the blue economy sector is the topic of the BLUESLINKS (Blue Economy New Skills) project, whose initial meeting was attended by representatives of Argonauts. The meeting was held in Cesenatico, Italy, and brought together representatives of all 8 partner organizations.

Innovation and smart specialization in the blue economy sector

“We want to contribute to the creation of an environment that will enable small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the project area to turn to innovation and smart specialization through support, cross-border connection, better connection with the labor market, new ideas that we will come up with through innovation days and hackathons that will be organized through the project and numerous other activities in which the partners will contribute their specific knowledge, organizational networks and contacts, and thus create synergistic effects in the blue economy sector”, said Mauro Conficoni, representative of DELTA 2000, the leading partner in the project.

Through hackathons to new ideas for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs

“We enter the partnership with rich experience in the implementation of national and international projects, a base of members and volunteers who are ready to participate in development activities within the BLUESLINKS project in the next two years, which will be the duration of the project activities, which include the organization of educational and informative events, study visits, connecting and strengthening small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the blue economy sector, with an emphasis on the nautical sector in our area, the participation of our representatives in international hackathons and numerous other activities that will contribute to the sustainable development of our community”, said Ivona Jadrić, development director of Argonauta.

In addition to the opportunity to meet face-to-face for the first time, the BLUESLINKS project partners got to know examples of good innovation practices in the blue economy: the fish market in Cesenatico and the research center of the University of Bologna located in Cesenatico.

The implementation of the activity begins

Sorrentino Fatica, representative of the Interreg Joint Secretariat of the Italy-Croatia cross-border cooperation program, informed the partners about the program obligations, ways and deadlines for reporting, details of the initial activities of the project, the implementation of which the partners will start in the coming months, were agreed upon.

Information about the project

The BLUESLINKS project was financed by the European Union through the Interreg cross-border cooperation program Italy-Croatia. The project is implemented in the period from April 1, 2024. until 30.9.2026. The leading partner of the project is DELTA 2000, and the other partners are Technology Park of the Upper Adriatic Andrea Galvani, Regional Union of Cooperatives Confcooperative Veneto, FLAG Costa dei Tragocchi, University of Salento, Zadar County Development Agency ZADRA NOVA and the University of Dubrovnik. The total value of the project is 1,702,334.70 euros, of which the co-financing of the European Fund for Regional Development is 1,361,867.75 euros.

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