Datum objave: 4. June, 2024.

On June 4 and 5, we are participating in the first project meeting of the RECinMED project, which is organized live by one of the project partners, the city government of Granada, the capital of the province of Andalusia in Spain.

In the wonderful surroundings of the Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo (protected monument of culture (BIC) since 1919, property of the City Council of Granada since 1990, which today is used as the so-called Qubba renovated in 2015 and which made it a multi-use exhibition hall) representatives of 11 partners from 9 Mediterranean countries gathered to exchange experiences in the main topic of the project – inclusive energy communities and agree on further steps in the implementation of a joint international project.

First day

The hosts started the day with a welcome speech from the Deputy Mayor Ana Isabel Agudo Martinez, and an introductory presentation about the opportunities and challenges in the city of Granada related to the application of renewable energy, giving us a broader cultural and economic framework of the location.

Then our colleagues Javier Pérez from CEBA – Energy Community of Alhambra Neighborhoods and José Miguel Granados and Elena del Moral from OSCE – Social Office for the Energy Communities presented their projects and experiences with energy communities in Granada. We continued to have a part of the program dedicated to the development of the EuroMed Cooperation forum and a part dedicated to the carbon footprint of the project. We discussed the results of the first project activities and the use of the Basecamp project monitoring tool, and the quality project manager Enrico Alighieri presented the project quality plan.

Second day

The next working day, the partners were divided into working groups, for rural areas, urban areas and islands, and prepared a work plan for the implementation of pilot actions in these three areas.

Argonauta participated in the work of the island group, and the chosen area for the pilot project is the island of Šolta in the Split-Dalmatia County.

More about the project

RECinMED, through a partnership made up of 11 project partners from 9 countries and three associated partners who will, through project activities, develop a new forum for cooperation and coordination activities at the international level in order to strengthen networks and positive effects among projects related to energy communities, and test innovative solutions in pilot actions.

The project started on January 1, 2024, and will last for 30 months. The total value of the project is EUR 2,264,798.94.

Project partners: School Center VELENJE Slovenia, University of Bologna, Italy, NGO ENERGIES 2050 from France, City of Granada, Spain, Regional Agency for Energy and Environment North Alentejo from Portugal, Agency for Sustainable Development, Italy, Municipality of Smolyan from Bulgaria, University of Neapolis from Cyprus, the Regional Development Agency RERA from Split, Croatia and the city of Derventa from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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