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Argonauta is a non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit organization for nature, environment, and sustainable development, based in Murter, Croatia with members, volunteers and employees made up of teams of experts from different fields.

In 2005, Argonauta was founded by a group of Murter`s enthusiasts in response to the growing need for civil society organization to take care of the nature and environment of the island of Murter and its wider area.
Throughout its current work, the Argonauta Association has shown itself as an active participant in the recognition, conservation, rejuvenation and further promotion of the hidden treasures of Murter`s area natural and cultural heritage as well as a designer of new public/social values.

Today, Argonauta is present at the local, regional, national and international level with the mission of contributing to the sustainable development of the community through the preservation and valorization of heritage (natural and cultural), the promotion of civic activism (especially youth), cross- and intra- sectoral cooperation and the development of social entrepreneurship.


An active community where conscious individuals create a world based on solidarity and sustainable development.


The Argonaut Association contributes to the protection of nature and the environment, the revitalization and valorization of cultural and historical heritage, and encourages the development of active citizenship in a way that informs, inspires, and educates citizens, creates, brings and promotes innovative solutions in the community, and provides opportunities for volunteering, mobility, and social entrepreneurship, and operates at local, national and international levels.


1. Conservation of natural, environmental and cultural heritage;
2. Encouragement of civil activism and multi-stakeholder cooperation with the aim of improving the quality of life;
3. Social entrepreneurship.


Most of the funds needed for the functioning of the association and the implementation of the projects are realized through the tenders/calls of different donors (ministries, agencies, EU, foundations, business entities, local and regional self-governments). Funds awarded for the implementations of the projects are in full pre-planned for exact activities and liable to reports to the donors within the deadlines. All funds are directed to contributing to the strategic goals of the Association and the development of the organization. Financing our projects and programs depends solely on their quality and competitiveness.

Argonauta`s continuous contribution to the social development of the local community, 2005 – 2020:
– develops partnerships and cooperations at all levels of its impact as a strong project partner with significant references and human resources;
– contributes to the interpretation of the cultural heritage of Murter island;
– through its projects secures financial support for the renovation of non-used public spaces (education center, coworking…);
– provides key persons as co-founders, assignees, and employers in regional as well as international networks;
– enables developing and testing social entrepreneurship products – made in Murter;
– employs educated and highly motivated persons who are ready to take on responsibility for achieving the strategic goals of the Association;
– develops successful models of non-formal education for sustainable development;
– informs, educates and strengthens local, regional and national level NGOs;
– informs youth on topics of their interest;
– contributes to the revitalization of drama amateurism tradition in Murter;
– builds up social awareness of the most vulnerable social groups;
– creates opportunities for international youth mobility;
– educates different target groups, building up their environmental awareness, all based on nature as the most important local resource;
– encourages and inspires other local stakeholders to become social actors by providing complementary content;
– launches environmental micro initiatives in the local community;
– contributes to the affirmation of promotional activities of local eco-producers (fairs, exhibitions…);
– engaged in activities of valuation and presentation of local MMR ethnological collection;
– initiated for archaeological site Colentum value to be widely recognized and continuously improved;
– promotes island Murter in Croatia and internationally;
– researches and promotes the importance of biodiversity conservation of Kornati archipelago and Murter natural area;
– contributes to volunteerism development.

OUR MAIN AREA OF ACTIVITY: Sibenik-Knin County (Island of Murter)
OUR BENEFICIARIES: citizens (children, youth and adults), entrepreneurs, CSO, local and regional self-government, public institution, tourism boards, media, donors, Croatian government and ministries, visitors and tourists.
OUR PARTNERS: municipalities, tourism boards, Sibenik-Knin county, local, regional, national and international (European) civil society organizations.


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Adriatic cross-sectoral educational and community center for sustainable development of the island