My name is Juan and I’m coming from Spain. I was born in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz). A wonderful city in southern west Europe, and the unique point which is bath at the same time by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. I studied electrical and electronics engineering, though my vocation for training always led me to work in educational jobs, like teaching robotics to kids, or as a trainer in aerospace industry.

Since I learnt about Erasmus+ five years ago, I didn’t stop participating in the program: youth exchanges, training courses, seminars and long-term projects impacting local communities in Spain. Now, I can complete the experience taking part in an ESC project called WIN in Murter. I feel happy participating in social actions, without neglecting the technical world, which fusion has led me to carry out projects related with the STEM areas with different age groups.

Glad to be in Murter with Argonauta, I will leave a mark on what will undoubtedly be a lifetime experience.

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