Do you See ME!?.

“Do You See Me !?” is a Youth Exchange project whose main activity (April 2020) will bring together 38 young people from Portugal, Macedonia, Iceland, Poland and Croatia in Sibenik.

It is in human nature and the fact is that all people adhere to some stereotypes and prejudices. Surrounded by images and snippets of information about others, people are left to their imagination and conjecture or to their prejudices and stereotypes, which often goes hand in hand. It’s easy to have prejudices about another group of people from afar, but it’s far more difficult to keep stereotypes in direct personal contact with someone. Stereotyping and prejudice lead to discrimination. The purpose of the project “Do you see me !?” is to create opportunities for young people of different nationalities to examine thoughts, ideas and solutions. This project allows every participant to reflect on prejudice and to reflect in their minds their reality and how it affects so many of us so much.

Due to increased immigration in and within Europe, racism and ethnic and religious stereotyping are on the rise in many countries. But the question goes beyond this. Surrounded by a wealth of information, we tend to create an image, we tend to judge, we tend to create stories about everything. It is no longer just skin colour, religion or country … we tend to judge the poor, the less privileged, those who come from rural areas, we tend to condemn people with disabilities.

By joining forces in efforts to combat these situations, we can make the world a better place for all. These types of projects can bring young people together and shape their conscience and awaken the desire to help them fight. Discussions and workshops allow us to conclude that prejudices are widespread but are wrong and must be addressed. Do You See Me !? encourages participants to think first and then act to combat prejudice.

Young people want to become actively involved and are offered several pro-action activities, fostering dialogue, tolerance, solidarity and respect. The focus of the project will also be on prejudices and stereotypes that specifically target young people with fewer opportunities, those who are less fortunate in society, face some obstacles or disabilities. Young people will have the opportunity to talk about prejudices and stereotypes that they have experience with, but will also have the opportunity to combat them.

*Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

GOALS: Discover your prejudices, describe and share the reality of young people, challenge participants to reflect on their identities and experiences, allow participants to identify stereotypes and prejudices, inequalities, injustices and racism, and most importantly - understand the need to end them, combat prejudice in everyday life, develop an exhibition aimed at raising awareness of these issues in society, creating opportunities for young people to campaign on social networks to raise awareness of the importance of prejudice issues, etc.

USERS: Young people, young people with fewer opportunities, young people from different social groups and different nationalities.


DONORS: Croatian national agency

DURATION: 1.1.2020. - 30.7.2020.

BUDGET: 22.645,00 EUR

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