GOALS: The specific objectives of this project contribute to the promotion and sustainable use of the fishing and maritime heritage of Murter and the FLAG area by presenting it through the symbol of the amphora, as an ancient packaging for essential foods. It will present modernly interpreted “flavors”, based on tradition and historical sources, we want the visitors and caterers to “taste” and “experience”, etched in the senses and thus become a promoter of space (Murter and FLAG area) and its maritime heritage. This project will also contribute to the education of the local community, especially local caterers and fishermen / processors to strengthen their capacities by participating in the project, offering innovative fishery products through gastronomic offer, using the ancient part of historical and cultural heritage as inspiration for the new offer. In addition, the Colentum Night event will be enriched with components that will become a marketing mechanism for the promotion of local gastronomy, fishing and maritime heritage inspired by the ancient heritage of Murter and the FLAG area.

USERS: Local Murter caterers, fish processors and fishermen and visitors to Murter

PARTNERS: Municipality of Murter-Kornati and Tourist Board Murter-Kornati

DONORS: Operational Program for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, FLAG Galeb

DURATION: 1.4.2021. – 31.3.2022.

BUDGET: 148.846,00kn

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