Project: TANGRAM.

Project acronym TANGRAM is the abbreviation that stands for: “Transnational pArks aNd Gardens Resources in Adriatic and Ionian tourist Marketplace”, where Argonauta acts as one of the partners of the transnational consortium. Project TANGRAM started on 1st February 2020 and will last till 31st July 2022. The overall value of the project is: 1 645 945.00 eur

Project summary: ADRION area represents one of the richest regions in Europe in terms of cultural diversity with distinct traditions, languages, religions and architectural monuments ranging from antiquity to modern times. Nevertheless, the level of conditions, accessibility, and presentation of cultural and landscape sites varies significantly among countries and in particular the park’s accessibility.

TANGRAM project will provide the inputs and solutions in order to develop the optimal framework for the coordination of such actions and support the development of transnational strategies for jointly promoting the Adriatic-Ionian parks and gardens areas as a tourist destination thanks to the development of TANGRAM Transnational network developed in synergy with a benchmarking activity of the best practices in the area.

Local initiatives do not complement each other and do not follow always an integrated approach but they will be included in local action plans and in the Transnational Action Plan identifying common actions.

TANGRAM supports a sustainable tourism model through the valorization and promotion of parks and gardens, networked with major cultural and natural resources of the AI region, on the basis of jointly developed methodological tools and a new governance system based on participative approach.

A different set of the tourism product offer, based on a unique and innovative transnational model, will enrich ADRION tourist offer and facilitate tourism flows especially during medium seasons, stimulate the SMEs competitiveness, improve public and private transnational cooperation among actors along the tourism value chain and help improve the living conditions of the local population tested with pilot actions.

GOALS: Overall objective is to build and promote ADRION brand name in tourism by promoting a sustainable valorisation and integration into the tourism offer the parks and gardens as hidden resources by an innovative governance system based on the collaboration between stakeholders.

USERS: regional public authority; national public authority; sectoral agency; infrastructure and (public) service providers; the provider of the parks management; interest groups including NGOs; universities and research centers; SME; business support organization; general public; the new tourists visiting the target areas.





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