Argonauta has implemented one youth exchange per year since 2011.

The new project WIN aims to contribute to the promotion of environmental awareness, community development, and solidarity as values through enabling ESC volunteering activity on the Island of Murter. WIN project is composed of high quality, community-based solidarity activities. Those activities are created in accordance with well-researched needs and opportunities for volunteering within Murter local community and are responding to local societal challenges while at the same time are strengthening: volunteers’ personal competencies, organizations involved social impact, and Murter’s community well being as a whole.

The specific objectives of WIN are to provide an opportunity for 4 young volunteers age 18 to 30, 2 coming from Italy, 2 coming from Spain, to be engaged in a well designed 8 months Volunteering Activity full of engaging tasks with positive societal impact on Murter`s local community. This is Activity that will provide volunteers with a platform to experience how to be active citizens on a local level and use this mobility experience to improve their skills and competences in various fields for their personal and professional development. All of that with the particular support for volunteers offered by Argonauta as host and Joint and Brujula as support organizations.

This volunteering will offer high-quality activities based on all involved organizations in previous experience. Murter`s community volunteering work needs researched and solidarity component included to increase the societal impact of the project; ensuring that volunteers are being well prepared and supported, and project validated and implemented with the respect of ESC principles.

This project will contribute to European cooperation in the fields of climate action, environment and nature protection, community and local solidarity development continuing to establish strong connections with project partners, based on mutual respect, confidence and exchange of the experience.

The WIN project will give advantage to opportunities volunteers to act as social inclusion actors in the ESC program. Through activities designed on the basis of non-formal learning principles, they will build a personal connection, connecting individuals, families, friends, peers adding to the multiculturalism of today’s Europe to be based on the values of tolerance and solidarity.


GOALS: Contribute to the sustainable development of the community through the preservation and promotion of natural, environmental, and cultural heritage, encouragement of civil activism and multi-stakeholder cooperation, and the development of social entrepreneurship.

USERS: EVS volunteers

PARTNERS: Spanish sending organization: Asociacion Brujula Intercultural, Santa María del Campo (Burgos), and Italian sending organization: Associazione di promozione sociale Joint, Milan.

DONORS: The European Union through the Erasmus + program implemented in Croatia by the Agency for Mobility and EU Programs.

DURATION: 01.05.2020 - 31.12.2021.

BUDGET: 28.322,00 €

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