18 miles from the mouth of Krka II.

The Colentum archaeological site is located on the Gradina peninsula in Murter and is one of the most important archaeological sites in Šibenik-Knin County. Archaeological remains associated with Colentum date back to the 11th century. However, there are many more findings from the period of the Liburnian and Roman cities of Colentum. Colentum along Jader (Zadar) is considered to be the most important part of the maritime people of Liburnia, and the remains of this port are found in the sea along the coast of the Gradina peninsula. Ballast stones and wooden remains were also found to confirm the existence of the Liburnian port, and on Gradina hill we find Liburnian drywall walls. The Liburnian Colentum eventually transformed into a Roman town, and as evidence of this, we find the remains of a preserved villa rusticae, located partly in the sea on the mainland of the Gradina Peninsula. This archaeological site began to be re-explored in 2010 after a break of almost half a century, and since then many projects and research have been carried out in the area that has produced significant results. Colentum is often said to be a “mosaic city” because wherever it is buried, mosaic remains, often tricolour, are found, which, according to experts, is a rarity. In cooperation and with the financial support of the Krka National Park, the Argonaut Association has so far implemented projects whose results were the first puppet show for preschool children, participation in the Burnumske ide event to learn from good practice and the organization of the “Colentum Night” event which greatly contributes to the valorization of the archaeological site of Colentum. Through the project “18 miles from the mouth of the Krka”, the Argonauta association, in cooperation with associates from the local community, in particular, the main organizer, the Murter-Kornati Tourist Board, will continue to work on promoting the “Colentum Night”. Active participation in the organization and implementation of previous events is a good base for better organization of future events, improvement of previous events and introduction of new activities of the event. In this regard, the project covers the following activities:

1. Coordination meeting of the organizers of the event “Colentum Night 2018”

2. Continuation of the “Small School of Theater”

3. Organization of the fair part of the event “Night of the Colentum”

The project activities are focused on the valorisation of this archaeological site to preserve material heritage, enhancing the quality of life of the local community, enhancing cross-sectoral cooperation, preserving nature and the environment and informing the public.

GOALS: The main objective of this project is the tourist valorization of the event "Night of Colentum 2018" for sustainable development of the archaeological site Colentum in Murter. The specific objectives are: • Revitalizing dramatic amateurism in Murter through the Little School of Theater. • Strengthening the cooperation of the private, public and civilian sectors of the local community and beyond. • Promotion of the Colentum archaeological site.

USERS: Locals, tourists, visitors.


DONORS: National Park Krka

DURATION: August 2018- March 2019.

BUDGET: 3.900,00 Kn

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