Colentum Archaeological Site 7.

The project “Colentum Archaeological Treasure 7” is aimed at developing educational and entertaining contents of the Colentum site to valorize the Colentum archaeological site and improve the quality of life of the local community.

The Colentum archaeological site is located on the Gradina peninsula in Murter and is one of the most important archaeological sites in Šibenik-Knin County. The potential of this locality is recognized by local self-government, but the awareness of the local population about the value and capabilities of this locality is still low and it is necessary to work on its development daily.

Through this project we want to contribute to the development of educational content at the Colentum site, to improve the existing content and to develop new educational methods guided by informal methods and inspired by the content of this site. The project activities are related to the improvement of the game “Flavour from the amphorae”, the creation of a treasure hunt game at the Colentum and the promotion of the traditional pottery activity, ie making clay objects. These activities are carried out to valorize the archaeological site of Colentum, which in turn will affect improving the quality of life of the population of the island of Murter in many directions. An educated and aware local community as a stakeholder of activities and projects planned in the area of ​​this locality is the basis for its further evaluation.

Accordingly, the project activities are as follows:

1. Making replicas of amphorae for the game “Flavour from amphorae”
2. Promoting the traditional pottery business
3. Creating content and a leaflet of an educational and entertaining treasure hunt game at the Colentum

The development of the traditional pottery business, educational-entertaining game and treasure hunt game will have an effect not only on the native population of the island of Murter but also on all visitors since all content will be available in English as well. Through the development of the game “Flavour from the Amphorae”, this project is directly encouraging the development of the catering offer of the island of Murter, which is also of great importance for the local community, which among other things affirms itself as a gastronomic destination.

GOALS: The overall objective of this project is to contribute to improving the quality of life on the island of Murter through the further valorisation of the archaeological site Colentum. The specific goals of our project are: 1. Contribute to the valorisation of the Colentum with the help of educational and entertainment facilities for children and young people. 2. Contribute to the valorisation of the Colentum with the help of informative content for the local community and visitors.

USERS: -Local community - Tourists and visitors to the island of Murter

PARTNERS: Municipality of Murter-Kornati KUU Turn, Murter


DURATION: October 2018- August 2019.

BUDGET: 15.000,00 Kn

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