GOALS: The general goal of the project is to contribute to strengthening the capacity of the young population in order to take on the role of active stakeholders in the involved rural communities. Project activities will empower selected young people from the local community to actively work in their own rural community and assume the role of initiator and organizer of cultural, entertainment, and other content through the preparation and implementation of their own projects. In order to ensure their interest and stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit, the young population of the island municipality and the hinterland of Dalmatia order to exchange knowledge, ideas, and skills and potentially jointly organize initiatives in a wider area Sibenik-Knin County. This project will be an opportunity for the young population of rural municipalities to acquire knowledge and skills in an alternative, different way than the one that is normally offered in their environments. The specific goals of the project are: 1. Capacity building of young people of Šibenik-Knin County for social entrepreneurship and youth volunteerism - It is very important to offer young people information about the possibilities of participating in various programs and projects for young people, in order to they were encouraged to participate in them and potentially starting their own projects and initiatives in local communities. Through the experience of working with young people, we realized that the best work is in smaller groups with young people, since that way ensures better communication and a more open relationship and concrete results are created - it is an intensive mentoring process. Therefore, we will for this project, using the selection and interview method, to select 5 young people from the Municipality of Murter-Kornati and 5 young people from the Municipality of Promina for participation in an educational-informational seminar in the form of a youth exchange based on the principles of informal education. Getting to know the volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps who do their volunteer service in Murter will be "live" information and young people will be able to learn about first-hand experiences. Knowledge of what a project actually is and how a project runs the cycle is a prerequisite for undertaking entrepreneurial initiatives, and also, examples of good practice will serve as a tool for encouraging ideas. Therefore, one of the special goals of the project is education and information in the area of the project cycle, opportunities for young people, voluntarism, and other current topics, which will provide them with a stimulating environment. 2. Empowering young people for social activism through the regeneration of dramatic amateurism in Murter - establishment of drama amateur workshops for young people -Drama work represents an important psycho-educational medium for individual and group work with young people. Drama education helps the young man in developing sensitivity, communication skills, formation of attitudes, responsibility, understanding of interpersonal relations, gaining security and self-confidence, problem-solving skills, etc. Dramatic methods make possible experiential learning, and educational drama appears as one of these methods. Educational drama is suitable for exploring different content, and through its techniques and activities the individual has the opportunity to learn and develop their knowledge within a safe group environment and skills - through the project, we will create a drama workshop to empower young people in our rural environment and include them in social life, through dramatic art that has a long tradition in the local community and therefore the support of a wider circle of local stakeholders and key persons. The performer and young actors will put on a play that thematizes a current social problem, and perform it in Murter and in Oklaj, spreading the message about positive social change that comes from ourselves and will create lasting content (performance) that will ensure the sustainability of project results. Horizontal goals: Our project contributes to the development of multiculturalism (young international volunteers and young members of national minorities), building tolerance (by connecting young people from different rural areas), equality of gender (by including young people regardless of gender), human rights (they empower young people to participate in social life community), non-violent conflict resolution (in the project we use dramatic work as a means of articulating and reconciling different social attitudes) and participation of young people in decision-making (in the project we organize meetings of young people with local self-government).

USERS: Young people aged 15-20 from the Municipality of Murter-Kornati and the Municipality of Promina

PARTNERS: Municipality of Murter-Kornati, Municipality of Promina, Drama amateurs Murter

DONORS: Central State Office for Demography and Youth

DURATION: 12 months

BUDGET: 13.935,89 eura

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