Institutional support of the National Foundation for the Development of Civil Society 2023-2025..

At its meeting held on December 9, 2022, the Board of Directors of the National Foundation for the Development of Civil Society made decisions on approving financial resources for institutional support in 2022. Among the approved grants in the highest category was the Argonaut association, and the implementation of the approved grant begins on January 2, 2023.

Institutional support provides the material security necessary for the further development of the association and covers costs that do not represent direct costs related to the implementation of projects, such as overhead costs, a share of the salaries of the association’s employees, education costs, costs of office materials and postage, costs of acquiring IT equipment, maintaining cleanliness space and the like.

Institutional support provided material security for the further development of the organization in terms of creating and implementing new projects and securing new financial resources for their implementation. Thanks to the approved institutional support from the National Foundation for the Development of Civil Society, the Argonaut Association was enabled to further develop and achieve the organization’s vision and mission.

GOALS: According to the planned programs of the association: 1. Program: Adriatic cross-sectoral educational and social center for the sustainable development of the island - JEDRO 2. Program: Preservation of nature and environment 3. Program: Contribution to active citizenship and youth mobility 4. Program: Contribution to the regeneration of the cultural heritage of the island of Murter

USERS: ● citizens, regardless of gender, age, race, national, religion, or any other affiliation, ● preschool children (ages 5-8), ● students, teachers, and other teaching staff of primary and secondary schools, ● children and young people (ages 13-30), ● children and young people with developmental disabilities, ● students, ● entrepreneurs, ● parents and educators, ● associations and citizens' initiatives, ● local and regional self-government units, ● public institutions and institutions, ● tourist boards, ● media representatives, ● visitors and tourists


DONORS: National Foundation for the Development of Civil Society

DURATION: 02.01.2023.-31.12.2025.

BUDGET: 33,640.00 for the 1st year of using the support

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