Let’s find Raduč.

“Let’s Discover Raduc” is a civic initiative implemented as part of the Kajo Dadić Foundation’s “Our Contribution to the Community” initiative. “Our Contribution to the Community” is being implemented in partnership with the National Foundation for Civil Society Development to provide financial support for grassroots action in local communities. The Contest “Our Contribution to the Community” is intended to fund civic actions that will contribute to improving the quality of life in the community, that is, to encourage people to activism, to volunteer and to specifically address a problem of general interest to more people in the community, Raduč ”is precisely the action directed at these goals.

Namely, Raduc Hill is the highest peak of the island of Murter with its 128 m. The plateau on the hill contains top viewpoints or points for photographing the Murter Sea, the Kornati Islands, the Murter Archipelago, Murter and the entire surrounding area to Velebit. During the rule of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy on the Raduc hill, the construction of a military complex consisting of a command building, a reconnaissance tower, the ruins of several smaller buildings (an officer’s home, a kitchen and a warehouse, an armoury, a barracks and sanitary facilities) and a three-tunnel system began. The tunnels end with two coastal artillery battles and a machine gun nest. In 1931, during the time of the Kingdom of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, the construction of tunnels which were drilled with dynamite and large hammers (pistons) began. There is also a natural cave in the immediate vicinity, which the old Murterini say hides a Hungarian ban and king. Near the cave are rocks suitable for climbing.

The white road leads to the military complex at the top of Raduc Hill Military facilities are connected by neglected, unordered trails. The facilities have not been maintained and are in a depleted condition. Locals engaged in active sports and tourists who know about this location visit this hill because of the magnificent view from the top of the hill to the Murter and the surrounding archipelago and extremely attractive tunnels. However, the dire condition of the facilities is very dangerous for tourists and accidents are certain. Due to the extremely positive reactions of visitors to Raduc, we can claim that this is one of the largest attractions of the island of Murter, whose tourist valorization has not even begun. This initiative will indicate that small civic actions can also achieve the great results that are necessary for the development of the local community and for launching further actions.

The main activities of the initiative are as follows:
1. A brainstorming workshop on the potential of Raduč Hill
2. Volunteer action to clear military tunnels on Raduč Hill
3. Production and printing of a tourist leaflet with a map of Mount Raduč
4. Concert in the premises of the Raduc hill tunnel
This initiative is considered to be a remarkable start to a future project. It will, through volunteerism and active participation of the local population, highlight the natural and cultural values ​​of this hill and thus contribute to the sustainable development of the island of Murter. Besides, this initiative contributes to the valorisation of Raduc in the tourism sense as well. Active tourism here is sure to find its place in (arranged) hiking, biking and running trails.


GOALS: "Let's Discover Raduč" is an initiative that aims to stimulate activism and volunteerism of the local community, develop active tourism and raise awareness of the population about the potential of this part of cultural heritage.

USERS: The local population of Murter-Kornati municipality, visitors and tourists

PARTNERS: Murter-Kornati Municipality, Murter-Kornati Tourist Board, Murtela Municipal Enterprise

DONORS: Kajo Dadić Foundation

DURATION: January 20, 2017 - April 20, 2017

BUDGET: 13. 000, 00 Kn

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