Imagine that instead of a whole mountain of garbage, a new forest sprouts up, a new part of our planet, a pledge for a greener future!

Every summer, we witness fires of ever-increasing proportions, which bring great natural disasters, engulfing forests, homes, and human lives in front of them. Firefighters make great efforts to protect any area that is in danger from fire, and can we do something? Through education related to fire prevention and the importance of forests, our project “Plant a greener future” will contribute to reducing the risk of fire and raising awareness of this problem in the local community. Education will be especially aimed at children, who will learn about topics important for forest conservation and fire prevention through Eco Patrol, our long-standing eco-school.

The project’s main activity will focus on the afforestation of the rehabilitated Leć landfill. We will make a new forest from the former garbage dump with our joint efforts! The city of Vodice will get a new green oasis, and together we will pledge a greener future. Afforestation will be carried out in October, on the occasion of the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction.

In addition to creating a new lung of the country, the forest will be educational and will serve as a space for education about forests for future generations.

The project is supported by Procter and Gamble through an annual donation to the Argonaut Association. By purchasing P&G products from 01.06. until 31.08.2022. You can also contribute to the purchase of 7,000 seedlings for the afforestation of the rehabilitated Leć landfill in Vodice.


GOALS: -Afforestation of the rehabilitated Leć landfill. -Education of the local community on forest conservation and forest fire prevention. -Connection and cooperation of stakeholders operating in the field of afforestation, with the aim of fire prevention and forest conservation.

USERS: - The local population of the town of Vodice. - Primary school children of the Šibenik - Knin County.

PARTNERS: Grad Vodice.

DONORS: Procter and Gamble.


BUDGET: 150.000,00 KN

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