Let’s spin the circle of changes II.

The local action group “MORE 249” has been approved for a project by the Ministry of Science and Education, and the Argonauts association is a partner in the project. The project was approved in the amount of HRK 90,722.01. Each partner contributes to the realization of the goals of the project “ZaVRTimo krug prejneja II” in accordance with its goals and areas of activity and previous indirect or direct cooperation with LAG.
This project represents the continuation of the implementation of the project that was carried out during 2021/2022. spent at the elementary school “Cista Velika”. The experience of implementing the project and the interest in it in other schools led to the continuation of the project at Brodarica Elementary School. The application of the project represents its sustainability, and the school’s interest is an added value to the project itself.

The arranged school space will represent an outdoor classroom applicable to all ages. In this way, children’s work and hygiene habits and social and sensorimotor skills will be developed.
Continuing with the stated goals, in addition to the educational part, a smart bench will be installed, and the school’s eco-sensorimotor garden will be decorated, which also includes the implementation of a volunteer campaign and an educational trip. One of the project’s main results is the application of knowledge, experience, and skills acquired during the educational workshops during the creation of the school’s eco-sensorimotor garden. An essential component of project implementation will be a reflection on each implemented activity because without reflection there is no activity. Ultimately, through reflection, emphasis is placed on students who manage to express their feelings, and thoughts, think critically and give suggestions and solutions for future activities and actions that are important for themselves, and then for the local population.

GOALS: The goal of the project is to expand knowledge about the plant world and sustainable development among school-aged children and to influence awareness of environmental protection through various activities - educational workshops on recycling (the 3R concept), sustainable development, and reducing the ecological footprint, ecological gardening, and the creation of planting and hotel calendars for insects. In addition to the educational part, a smart bench will be installed, and the school's eco-sensorimotor garden will be decorated, which includes the implementation of a volunteer campaign and an educational excursion.

USERS: Pupils of Elementary School "Brodarica"

PARTNERS: Elementary school "Brodarica", City of Šibenik and Argonauts Association

DONORS: Ministry of Science and Education


BUDGET: 90.722,01 HRK

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