The project is based on the current critical climate situation and aims to contribute to a sustainable future for all through the design of a social game and online platform.

The goal is to enable awareness and commitment to change behavior among youth and organizations that facilitate opportunities to engage in advocacy and participate in policy-making related to environmental education and climate change action, as the actions taken will provide a stronger platform and influence the creation of local politics

GOALS: Goals: -Encourage pro-environmental behavior among young people, raise awareness of self-sustainability, and motivate them to take proactive action to protect the planet and slow down climate change; - Create a social game that aims to raise awareness within the target groups about the activities they can undertake in their local community in order to protect the planet; - Create a platform for the exchange of information, good practices, inspiration, and motivation for future activities that are interconnected through the board game; Expected results: - Empower youth and stakeholders to change their way of thinking towards a more proactive and environmentally friendly approach; - Involved youth/stakeholders will become change makers to raise awareness and acquire skills and knowledge by using; social game and online platforms; Project outcomes: - Raise awareness of environmental protection; - Create a board game; - Create an online platform for ecological activities; - Support networking between stakeholders.

USERS: The primary target group is young people aged 13 to 18 and young people aged 19 to 30; the secondary target group is employees who work with young people, teachers and educators in different educational sectors, and parents. Third, we also aim at different public bodies (eg municipal services related to the project topic) that define local and creation of regional policy. As part of the secondary group, we target parents of young people, their families, and at a later stage, the wider communities in which we are active. We approach this in gradual steps, since building a strong, educated, and supportive network is a prerequisite for a stable and continuous change of consciousness. Similar to coaching processes, each step is safe and well-grounded before taking the next. Young people are the initiators of this change, and our organizations clearly see it as support with knowledge and experience, resources, and policy making. We are also adding to this project a list of affiliated partners (some of them are high schools) that are already there expressed interest in acquiring future resources and methods for working on this topic. They will be contacted for purposes of testing and benefits from the final result. More affiliate partners are expected when the project starts.

PARTNERS: VIRTAIN KAUPUNKI, Finland Seamen's scout detachment Posejdon, Croatia, Split ASOCIACION PROMESAS Promotora de Metodologías Educativas para una Sociedad Alternativa y Sostenible, Spain Argonauta Association, Croatia Vzw Elegast, Belgium Produções Fixe Unipessoal Lda, Portugal


DURATION: 01.10.2022.-30.09.2024.

BUDGET: 250.000,00 EUR

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