From plans to reality – Renewable Chance for Future.

GOALS: Impact CEE and SE countries raise their ambition in meeting the “Fit for 55” and “RePower EU” goals through more ambitious decarbonization plans that focus on the integration of renewable energy. Through better understanding, these plans are perceived by key stakeholders and the public as an opportunity for positive change in the economy and the environment. Outcome Green Scenarios and expert studies assessing the potential and impact of more ambitious decarbonization targets allow relevant stakeholders in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia to negotiate aspiring updates of NECPs. The analyses of barriers and recommendations to overcome them facilitate a stronger deployment of renewable energy. Stakeholder participation and awareness of local, regional and national public institutions, professionals, civil society and the general public in this topic is strengthened. Output I Key stakeholders and experts are involved in the creation of Green Scenarios for updating the NECPs and related strategies and are provided with the necessary documents and data for their work. Output II Relevant decision-makers are familiarized with Green Scenarios and recommendations for removing barriers to use them as a basis for the formulation and adoption of effective measures to facilitate the use of renewable energy. Output III Awareness among key stakeholders and the general public is raised through continuous communication on the opportunities of more ambitious decarbonization targets and sharing of good practices.


PARTNERS: Solární asociace, z.s./ Solar Association Head office; Svaz moderní energetiky, z.s. (SME)/ Modern Energy Union (Checz Republic), Slovenská asociácia fotovoltického priemyslu a OZE (SAPI)/ Slovak Association of Photovoltaic Industry and RES (SAPI) (Slovakia)

DONORS: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

DURATION: 1.12.2023. - 1.12.2025.


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