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One of the focuses of our association is education from an early age using non formal teaching methods. This is exactly what we want to achieve with our action in the form of a comic that thematizes the problem of excessive consumption of clothes and the impact it has on the environment and people. The inspiration for this comic was the book No Logo, by Naomi Klein, which takes a look at how the power of brands has grown since the 1980s, and how companies have emphasized their brand image rather than their actual products. No Logo shows how this strategy has affected employees in both the industrial and the non-developed world.
Looking at pictures from Bangladesh and other countries where mass production of clothes is located, we must not turn a blind eye to the living and working conditions of these people, the damage that this mass production is doing to our planet, which is why it is extremely important to educate young people, especially teenagers, about what it really stands behind the word “brand”, then to make them aware of the damage, on different levels, to the environment and society due to the large consumerism of clothes, and finally to make them aware of what they themselves can do and what habits to change in order to reduce their personal ecological footprint on our planet.

The comic you can download here.

Picturebook The Story of Leonardo

Argonauta, 2013; ISBN

This educational picture-book from the Edition “The Magical World of Kornati Archipelago” is following the travels of a little sea turtle named Leonardo from the sandy beaches of Greece to Kornati Archipelago. Through Leonardo`s adventures, children learn about this protected sea species! Swim with Leonardo – sea turtle and the hero of our picture-book!

Picturebook Bepo and the Can

This educational picture-book teaches children about sea underwater world creatures and why not to dispose liter into the sea, following the unusual friendship of Bepo and the Can!


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