Mentoring programs.

As part of the “Blue Project” project, teachers of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in cooperation with partner organizations Argonauta and the Maritime Education Center and Ph.D. Nives Mikelić Preradović, an expert in the field of socially useful learning, will design mentoring programs for three undergraduate courses at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Mentoring programs will consist of a theoretical part related to a specific course and a practical part related to the implementation of activities in the field. Designed mentoring programs will be the basis on which students will develop their socially useful programs and implement them in the community.

Mentoring program topics:

1. Sea patrol – education on the importance of recording sightings of dolphins and sea turtles;

2. First aid for injured dolphin and sea turtle – how to react and what to do in case of finding live and injured animals;

3. Monitoring of critical habitats – when it is necessary to visit certain areas in order to find injured individuals in a timely manner;

4. “Dolphin / sea turtle friendly” behavior in sea traffic – teaching about the rules of behavior in a boat when meeting a group of dolphins / turtles;

5. Dead dolphin / sea turtle – what, how and why to do? – students are taught how to proceed when finding a dead animal.

For more informations on mentoring programs, see the “Blue Handbook”.

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