Colentum workshop

19. August, 2021.

Many know that the ancient Romans had a great empire, but not everyone knows that they also left remains in Murter and more precisely...

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Seventh “Eko-Srijeda”

18. August, 2021.

Our penultimate workshop of the “Eko-Srijeda” series focused on a theme dear to Murter: the ancient Romans and Colentum! In fact, on the occasion...

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Sixth “Eko-Srijeda”

11. August, 2021.

Another one of our “Eko-Srijeda” in Čigrađa beach ended today! This morning the children were introduced to the topic of pollution in the sea....

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Fifth “Eko-Srijeda”

4. August, 2021.

The fifth Eko-srijeda took place on 4th August with the theme “fish”. The workshop was held in the beach bar “Lantana”, at Čigrađa bay...

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28. July, 2021.

The 4th meeting of our “EKO-SRIJEDA” workshops series featured winds. Our children already knew a few names of winds (like Tramontana, Jugo, and Bura),...

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21. July, 2021.

The third meeting of the series Eco-Wednesdays was dedicated to bees and their importance for our entire ecosystem. So we talked about the various...

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14. July, 2021.

During the second workshop of the series “Eko-Srijeda”, we dealt with the biodiversity of our Adriatic Sea. At the beginning we talked a little...

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EU project open days

23. November, 2020.

“Open days of EU projects” represent the way in which Croatia, in 2020, joined the broader campaign conducted by the European Commission called “Europe...

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Fabric painting workshop

23. November, 2020.

On Friday, November 20, 2020, as part of the calendar of the future Social Center Jedro, a fabric painting workshop was held. The workshop...

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Raduč is still evolving

20. November, 2020.

Raduč is still evolving. Just a few weeks ago there was a great transformation in the northeast area of the military ruins. This has...

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30. October, 2020.

As part of the “Stone & Sail Extravaganza 2020” project, we set up a new wooden art installation that promotes voluntarism and solidarity. This...

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20. October, 2020.

As part of the “Stone & Sail Extravaganza 2020” project, part of the dry stone wall at the Colentum archeological site has been renovated,...

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