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Datum objave: 7. February, 2022.

Marisol Navarro Calderón-Hedman was born in the Iberian Peninsula, specifically in the very tip of Cadiz, in a little city called Jerez de la Frontera, although she had never lived there. Despite the fact that she comes from a tiny city, she does not consider herself a citizen of a single place but of nowhere and everywhere at the same time since at the time she turned one year old she started living in different countries. First, she lived in Mexico to later move to Honduras, and despite her early age, she still conserves some traditions and feelings that involve the people and scenarios she had the pleasure to meet and experience. At 5 years old she came back to Spain to graduate from middle and high school, but her restlessness to know about the world outside made her take a decision that would be an inflection point in her life: move to the United States to finish her pre-college studies oriented in STEM areas. This change of air made her more conscious about the world surrounding her, different cultures, backgrounds, and points of view. Thanks to these different experiences, she has developed different interests jumping to science, art, and humanitarian causes. Now, at 18 years old, she wants to take time to discover herself and create her path to the world combining the three areas she is interested in. She thinks that her time in Argonauta will help her to achieve this purpose and it will be a lifetime experience that will let her grow personally, spiritually, and professionally due to her love for nature, living beings, and progress. She cannot wait to learn about everything and everybody and spread her knowledge wherever she goes in life to make the world a better place.

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