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Ciao tutti!
I’m Andrea from Croatia! I am outgoing and cheerful person who likes to meet new people and learn new things. I love new challenges, traveling and eating good food. I have a great love for the oceans and marine animals. I am now for one month here, in Italy, on ESC program called project M.A.R.E (IG: project_mare), and I want to explore as much as I can. I came in mid-april and have been enjoying it ever since. Here in one day fits three days! I used the time during the first week to spend as much time as possible with my fellow volunteers, and to get to know them better. Soon we realized that we all understand each other very well! I am grateful for that positive energy. Nine people from all parts of Europe and beyond (Portugal, Spain, Greece, Belgium, France, Croatia and Tunisia) found themselves in this beautiful place. We have two houses, one called Villa Conola (Instagram: @conolalab) , with a huge garden, accommodates four volunteers, and the other villa larger and more modern, but with a small garden, accommodates the other six volunteers. Our workplace is the protected marine area Area Marina Protetta Punta Campanella, in the southern region of Campania Massa Lubrense, so the first weeks we spent exploring our new environment. We had the opportunity to visit beautiful places like Monte San Costanzo, Bagni Regina Giovanna, beach captain Cook, Ieranto bay, Monte Faito… All these places are only 20-30 minutes away from us! Could there be a better environment?
In addition to walking and hiking we had the opportunity to contribute to the place, where we decided to live for the next nine months, by cleaning beaches such as marina Piccola and marina di Puolo in Sorrento. On the beach Lido Marinella except educating children through various games (nesting and hatching) we saw the first release of male sea turtle! We used our days off, which are usually Saturdays and Sundays, to explore cities, like Sorrento, Napoli, Amalfi and Positano during the day and to have parties during the night :D. We started learning Italian, so next month the post may be in Italian ;). One of the main reasons why i moved to Italy is to taste Italian well known food and drinks and did not disappoint! We even made our own limoncello. Also, great recommendations for pizzeria donna Sofia in Napoli. But that is not all! We tried a lot of new dishes, some from every country we come from, and the cultural evenings haven’t even started yet! That’s all for the first month. In the coming months I expect a lot of Italian, to explore marine biodiversity in Ieranto bay, to become more familiar with turtle monitoring, to hike all the mountains and to see all the beaches..:D
I can say, even only after one month, volunteering in another country would enrich your life with new friendships, beautiful memories and a sense of satisfaction so I would recommend it to everyone. The new Project M.A.R.E. team is more then ever determined to make a change!

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